Sorting and grading solutions for different kinds of peppers

We provide sorting solutions for a wide range of pepper products: fresh, frozen, whole, sliced, and diced, as well as strips of jalapeño, banana, bell, and chili peppers. Our pepper sorting machines can be relied upon to remove foreign materials and product defects.

Every Pepper Counts™

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    Removing foreign material

    TOMRA's optical sorters remove all kinds of foreign materials from harvested peppers, including rot, stems, plastic, stones, glass, and wood.
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    Detect and eject product defects

    Our pepper sorting machines reject defects such as unwanted colors (for example, red peppers in green), discolorations, cores, and calyx.
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    Not only quality - quantity too

    In addition to ensuring food safety and product quality, TOMRA's pepper sorting and grading machines reduce labor requirements, boost throughput, and increase yield.
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    Easy to use

    Operators love our user-friendly sorting modules, making it easy to adjust sorting parameters in response to changing raw materials.

Our pepper sorting solutions

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