Almond sorting machines

TOMRA is the leading provider of sorting solutions for almond processing. With various detection technologies and precisely-tailored control software, our sorting machines have an unrivaled ability to remove foreign materials and product defects, whether the almonds are blanched or unblanched. 
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    Removing foreign materials from almonds

    TOMRA's almond sorters can be relied upon to eject foreign materials such as stones, plastic, metal, glass, sticks, and shell pieces. 
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    Detecting product imperfections with our sorting equipment

    Our almonds sorting equipment uses advanced technologies to remove defects including in-shell almonds, chips, scratches, pee wees, gummies, insect damage, doubles, rotten and split almonds. 
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    Unrivalled accuracy with our almond processing machines

    By detecting even the smallest defects with sensors, our almond sorters reduce the false rejection rate and achieve the highest yield of quality product and reduce costs. 
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    Finding aflatoxin in almonds

    Aflatoxins are toxins produced by certain fungi and can grow on grains and nuts.
    By assessing material composition, our technology can detect the presence of aflatoxin in your almond production. 

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