dehydrated vegetables on a sorting machine

Sorting solutions for many types of dehydrated vegetables 

TOMRA offers sorting solutions for dehydrated vegetables of many types: carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, leeks, mushrooms, and more. And because our machines can be switched quickly from one type to another, it's easy always to assure food safety and product quality even when handling short runs.
Dried chili peppers sorting

Every Dehydrated Vegetable Counts™

  • dehydrated vegetables sorting technology

    Precisely tailored sorting solutions 

    TOMRA's machines can sort various types of dehydrated vegetables by offering different platforms and tailored optical modules.       

  • dehydrated vegetables safety and quality

    Safety and quality

    Our sorters remove product defects such as discoloration, stems, stalks, and core/root from onion flakes, as well as foreign materials (wood, plastics, stones, glass, metal, rubber, etc.).

  • dehydrated vegetables

    Not only great quality - great quantities too

    In addition to ensuring consistently high product quality, our sorters reduce labor requirements while increasing throughput and yield.

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