Sorting and grading fresh pack potatoes

For packers of fresh potatoes, TOMRA offers the most complete range of solutions for sorting and grading potatoes. These technologies give packhouses the agility to meet peaks in demand while meeting end-user customers' specifications with consistently high product quality, along with accurate downgrade segregation. 

Every Potato Counts™

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    Food safety and product consistency

    Our optical sorters eliminate foreign material and unmarketable potatoes from the line, with the agility to switch quickly from one product batch to another.
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    Meet multiple specifications simulantiously

    TOMRA’s potato sorters enable you to easily meet precisely-defined specifications with minimum waste and maximum use of resources, at high throughput rates. Capabilities includes external and internal defect grading.
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    Food trust and handling working together

    Hygiene and handing have been designed into the core of our optical sorters, making the machines gentle yet very simple to clean and maintain.
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    Potato sorters reduce dependencies on and inaccuracies of manual labor 

    Finding, training, and retaining labor to manually sort potatoes is fraught with challenges. All solved by our easy to use sorting machines. 

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