Mushroom sorting machines

TOMRA offers the widest package of detection technologies for removing the foreign materials that get mixed in with mushroom crops. And this for all types of mushrooms: fresh, blanched, and frozen.

Every Mushroom Counts™

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    Getting rid of all foreign materials

    Root, mud, stones, sand feed, plastic, metal, and glass all commonly get mixed in with harvested mushrooms - and removed by our sorters.
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    Quality, quantity, and peace of mind

    As well as ensuring high product quality, TOMRA's mushroom equipment reduces labor requirements, boosts throughput, and increases yield.
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    Precisely tailored sorting solutions

    For mushroom production, we offer different platforms and tailored optical modules for different product types - fresh, blanched, and IQF.
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    Unique detection technology

    More than just inspecting by color and shape, our unique Biometric Signature Identification (BSI) technology 'sees' objects' chemical composition. 

Our mushroom sorting solutions

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Operational costs continue to increase, and every little saving makes a difference.
Our automation works smarter, wastes less, and optimizes your lines to ensure quality is consistent and potential recalls are thing of the past.

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