TOMRA Care provides customer support in the event of breakdowns to avoid production stops or interruption due to a defective machine. Whether by site visits, telephone or via remote connection, quick and reliable access to TOMRA service engineers often helps to bypass severe production losses, although in some cases, an onsite intervention may be required.

Our extensive experience supplemented by thorough training programs enable us to support your in-house maintenance team or provide full specialized services requiring deeper understanding and detailed knowledge. You can select the option that best fits your organizational needs.

TOMRA Care options:

  • TOMRA Care
    TOMRA Care

    Basic - Control operation

    • Designed specifically for your machine
    • Maximize up-time by replacing parts before they wear out
    • Manufacturer Service protocols used by certified engineers
  • TOMRA Care
    TOMRA Care

    Plus - Optimize your operations

    On top of your TOMRA Care "Basic", TOMRA Care "Plus" will bring your machine to the next level with:
    • Extended training for better control and daily operation
    • 24/7 remote support to keep your machine up and running
    • Performance validation/calibration using standard procedures
  • TOMRA Food service and support
    TOMRA Food service and support

    Premium - Peace of mind

    In addition to TOMRA Care "Plus", "Premium" provides
    • Extended warranty to avoid unexpected costs on key components
    • Tailor-made parts solutions to optimize availability
    • Software upgrades to access the latest functionalities

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