Integrated cherry solutions

We partner with cherry growers and packers worldwide to deliver unrivaled performance in speed, handling, grading, and packing with our modular and scalable solutions for cherries.

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Giacovelli, Italy

Integrated cherry solution

Giacovelli Srl was created in 1954, selling citrus products directly to consumers at local markets, and they have grown and extended their production to other fruits, such as cherries. Today, cherries are one of the most important products of their company, packing several thousand tones of cherries a year. With that incredible amount, they thrust TOMRA and ICOEL as their partner for grading their product with our integrated solutions for cherries.

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Polehn Farms, United States

Integrated cherry solution

At Polehn Farms, they know how a beautiful decluttered cherry makes a difference to the final customer. When the cherries are nicely presented, they are more attractive. And they choose TOMRA's unique technology for cherry cluster separation: The Cascade Singulator, which improves cluster separation, eliminates mechanical damage on fruit, and ensures a better presentation of the final product of our customer Polehn Farms, Oregon, USA.

Our integrated cherry solutions

Our cherry sorting machines

Every Cherry Counts™

  • TOMRA InVision and TotalView


    Our modular design on cherry solutions means that future TOMRA products can be added to your solution at a later date and as you grow your operation. This allows us to best match solutions to your changing needs during different stages of your business development.
  • InVision2

    Integrated solutions

    All components of an integrated solution for cherries are linked and effectively “talk” to each other. Using a touch screen monitor, the user can easily change settings while the line still continues operating.
  • cherries on Dynamic Lane Balancer


    Our intimate awareness of the delicate characteristics of the cherry enables a design which emphasizes gentle handling. Fewer transitions equal better care of the fruit. Anti-bruise surfaces ensure preservation of product surface and fruit bloom is kept intact.
  • Maraschino cherries

    Simple & Intuitive

    The user experience is designed with simplicity in mind providing the ability to make sophisticated selections by merely adjusting sliders right or left.

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