TOMRA Food service and support


With service centers, and support located across the globe, TOMRA Food provides a comprehensive service offering to our customers, ensuring you have the proper support at the right time, empowering your business to succeed.

We have a global network of highly trained and knowledgeable field service experts that know how to drive your TOMRA equipment to perform at its best, backed up by product development, application experts and technical support teams.

Our maintenance and support services allow you to select a plan that best fits the needs and budget of your business, ensuring your people, your product, and your equipment are optimized for uptime, availability and production.

Asia-Pacific (APAC)


If you are a fruit processor:
Phone: 1 800 682 857
Email this service department

For other customers:
Phone: 1 800 992 880
Email this service department


Phone: 400 888 2470
Email this service department


Phone: 9886 163 635
Email this service department


Phone: +81 48 829 9081


Phone: +82 10 2849 3992
Email this service department

New Zealand

If you are a fruit processor:
Phone: 0 800 1266722
Email this service department

For other customers:
Phone: +64 9222 1058
Email this service department

Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao

Phone: +86 592 5720783
Email this service department

Europe, Middle-East, Africa (EMEA)

Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain

Phone: +32 016 39 63 96
Email this service department


Phone: +39 0521 681062
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Phone: +90 216 526 3337

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 116 218 1430
Email this service department

Latin America (LATAM)


If you are a fruit processor:
Phone: +56 22 582 0590

For other customers:
Phone: +56 22 332 1600

North-America (NAM)

United States

If you are a fruit processor:
Phone: +1 877 402 1755

For other customers:
Phone: +1 855 503 5951
Email this service department

Our service

  • TOMRA Food service and support


    We provide highly skilled and trained field service engineers that can ensure high performance and quality solutions with support all year long, to ensure your food sorting or peeling equipment remains in excellent condition.

    Our preventive maintenance program keeps your TOMRA equipment in excellent condition, giving the maximum ROI and peace of mind for your business. 

  • TOMRA Food service and support

    Spare parts

    Spare parts are critical to the uptime and availability of your TOMRA system, and we truly believe all spare parts are not the same. This is why we only use original parts in each repair, because only TOMRA original parts meet TOMRA’s high-quality standards. 

  • TOMRA Food service and support

    Extensive global network

    We keep an extensive supply of spare parts in stock, for all TOMRA machines. If your machine breaks down, we are ready to ship the necessary parts as soon as possible to your site. 

  • TOMRA Food service and support

    Parts on-site

    All machines require maintenance at some point. Whether replacing worn-out parts, or simply renewing consumable items in your machines like tube lights, belts, lasers, etc. it is critical to have these parts in your warehouse, to dramatically reduce downtime, and minimize outages, since you don’t have to wait for parts to arrive. 

  • TOMRA Food service and support


    We know that your TOMRA sorting equipment is an important capital investment for your business, and we continually strive to ensure that each machine we sell is supported through its lifecycle with extended upgrades and technology retrofits, to ensure you get the maximum return from your asset but are also able to stay at the forefront of technology solutions.
    TOMRA Food offers multiple upgrades on your sorting machine to continually improve its performance and extend your return on investment.

Turnkey installation and maintenance

  • Machine installation
    Machine installation

    Machine installation and delivery

    From a complete turnkey project delivery with a dedicated project manager and installation team to equipment supply only, we have teams available to help ensure your equipment is installed effectively and optimized for maximum return on investment.
  • Machine maintenance
    Machine maintenance

    Scheduled maintenance

    • Scheduled machine maintenance for pre-season service
    • Spare Parts orders
    • Software Updates
  • TOMRA throughout the season
    TOMRA throughout the season

    Throughout the season

    • In field TOMRA Food customer support technician
    • Dedicated technician support
    • Personalized in season support
    • Remote in access
    • Spare parts local facility
  • Post-season service
    Post-season service


    • Hibernation of equipment
    • Performance feedback
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