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Our various box filling platforms accurately fill boxes and cartons of various sizes with industry- leading gentleness and speed. These machines deliver superior quality, more efficiency, greater productivity, and lower costs. The top-of-the-range Gentle Box Filler+ is ideal for first-class packing of fruit such as kiwifruit and stone fruit, which bruise easily; for repacked and ripe produce, which is softer and more susceptible to damage; and for produce handled twice, once for pre-grading and then for final packaging.

Key benefits

  • Gentle Box Filler

    Gentle and fast

    Our Gentle Box Filler and Weighing Box Filler fill three to four boxes per minute, count every individual piece of produce, and ensure boxes meet a specified weight.

  • Gentlbe box filler plus

    Even gentler, even faster

    Our Gentle Box Filler+ model was developed for the most delicate fruit. Yet it’s also a fast worker – with kiwifruit, for example, it can double the throughput of the standard Gentle Box Filler.

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    Because the Gentle Box Filler+ achieves especially high throughput, fewer outlets are required for volume packout – which means the sizer doesn’t need to be so long, and has a smaller footprint.

  • Gentle Box Filler


    Another advantage of the Gentle Box Filler+ is that fewer fillers are required, reducing equipment purchasing costs and requiring fewer people for operation.

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