Small Fruit Sorter with InVision2

The most advanced cherry sorter available

Designed for the most sensitive cherry varieties such as Rainier and Royal Anne, our Small Fruit Sorter (SFS) improves packhouse throughput and pack consistency. Its scalable design can be configured from a small sorter to a high-volume turnkey solution incorporating infeed and peripheral equipment. Software options allow traceability, data analytics, and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration.

Key benefits

  • SFS 1

    InVision2 defect inspection with TotalView Plus

    This sorts cherries by size, shape, color, and surface defects. Seven views from the color and infrared cameras show all of the cherry even at high cupfill, detecting previously hidden nose-cracks and stem defects.

  • SFS 2

    Sizer Control software

    Operators control the sorter from a central location. Graphics show the status of the sorter’s various outlets, how many cherries are flowing over the sorter, and their grades.

  • SFS 3

    Dynamic Lane Balancing

    This uses data from the Sizer Control software to automatically divert lanes with too much fruit to lanes with lower cupfill, optimizing sorter capacity and minimizing any need to recycle.

  • SFS 4

    Delicate handling

    The SFS uses gentle water flumes, hydro-cushions, and water v-belts, with few fruit transfers and gentle ejection. Even delicate cherry varieties can be sorted at speed, with effective singulation and high cupfill.

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