Single and Dual Lane Sorters

The most powerful sorting and grading solutions for fresh produce

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These Single and Dual Lane Sorters are ideal for small-to-medium packhouses but also connectable to our larger Multi Lane Sorter – and can pack into a wide variety of packaging types. 

For external inspection of fresh produce, Spectrim is the world’s most powerful sorting and grading platform. To detect especially hard-to-find defects, the UltraView inspection module integrates with Spectrim. And for non-invasive internal inspection and defect grading, Spectrim can be complemented by Inspectra². 

Key benefits

  • SLS 1

    The Spectrim grading platform

    Spectrim sorts and grades major and minor defects, including surface blemishes, bruising, abrasions, insect damage, and misshapen produce. Sorting parameters are configurable for differing defect levels.

  • SLS 2

    UltraView inspects the previously unseeable

    Located on the sizer, the UltraView inspection module’s high-resolution color and infrared cameras generate high-quality images of the produce’s hard-to-see areas. This detects what other inspection technologies cannot.

  • SLS 3

    Inspectra² looks inside the produce

    Inspectra² is an effective non-invasive solution, with a near-infrared spectrometer, for detection of internal defects such as BRIX and dry matter. This information can also help growers improve produce quality.

  • SLS 4

    Flexibility with packaging types

    Our single and dual lane sorters have the flexibility to pack into everything from poly bags and tote bags through to bins, boxes, cartons, punnets, and trays. And all our equipment handles the produce gently.

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