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Removes unwanted soft fruit from packing lines

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The Soft Sorter’s Dura Touch technology measures and sorts fruit according to its physical attributes. This results in high-quality end product with an extended shelf life.

Key benefits

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    Fast and accurate

    The Soft Sorter can accurately reject more than 80% of visibly undetectable soft fruit at high speeds of up to 2,300kg (5,000lb) per hour.

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    Gentle and durable

    This machine is gentle enough to handle delicate product without damaging it, yet robust enough to handle heavy throughput.

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    Easy to use and clean

    Softness levels can easily be changed with a sliding scale on a touchscreen. And all moving components, including the Dura Touch sensors, are washdown safe for easy, fast cleaning.

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    Provides traceability

    The Soft Sorter can be combined with the FreshTracker management system, accessing real time packing information to maximize operating potential.

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