Championship belt for potatoes, vegetables, proteins and leafy products

The TOMRA 5B is the top-of-the-line belt sorter for many products, including French fries, chips (crisps), other potato products, protein products, green beans, spinach, peas, carrots, bell peppers, various leafy veggies, and baby spinach leaves. Its flexibility and accuracy are only rivaled by its gentle handling.

Coupling the latest sensor tech and advanced algorithms, the TOMRA 5B enables you to reach the most challenging quality targets and yields.

TOMRA 5B sorting machine

Key benefits

  • TOMRA Food shrimps

    Accuracy = Efficiency

    With its on-belt inspection zone and 360° view, the TOMRA 5B analyzes color and shape defects with unequaled precision.   
  • TOMRA 5B green beans sorting machine

    Sound the alarm 

    Improving detection with every batch the TOMRA 5B captures and stores images of foreign materials in the system for easy alerts. 
  • TOMRA 5B French Fries sorting

    Wide-ranging sorting parameters  

    This machine can sort by shape, size, and length-to-width ratio while detecting hard-to-find foreign materials like stem stalks and Datura.  
  • TOMRA 5B sorting machine

    Highest achievable yields  

    Our smart ejection & sort-to-spec features ensure minimal false rejects. These incremental gains accumulate every hour the line is running.  

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