TOMRA 5S Advanced

The world’s most advanced fruit sorting platform 

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The TOMRA 5S Advanced handles fruit gently, reduces spill, is ultra-hygienic, easy to clean, and so advanced it can be relied upon to deliver the best sorting and grading performance for many years to come. This machine is suitable for apples, avocados, citrus fruits, kiwifruit, and fresh pack potatoes. 

Key benefits

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    The only platform truly designed for hygienic operation. Every component that contacts the fruit is made of stainless steel or specialized food-grade injection-molded polymers.

  • 5S Advanced

    Easy to clean

    Regular tasks which previously took hours, such as removing and cleaning cross belts, now take just 5 to 10 minutes. Surfaces that contact fruit are engineered for quick release and toolless removal.

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    In-built reliability 

    The most reliable fruit sorter, thanks to individual drum drives, jointless belts, low-stretch chain, dual-tipping carriers, isolated weigh bridge, and virtually indestructible polymer chutes, sweeps, and backstops.

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    Gentle handling

    Traditional padded surfaces are replaced with sculpted stainless steel and molded polymer surfaces in geometries which dampen and decelerate the fruit, handling it with exceptionally gentleness.

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