Revolutionary X-ray sorting machine

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    Unparalleled visibility

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    Increased throughput

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    Advanced internal defects detection

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    Improved efficiencies and yield

For fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and seafood. Its advanced X-ray sensor creates images of exceptionally high contrast and resolution, inspecting materials on food lines with unprecedented clarity. And for more complex sorting tasks, this machine employs artificial intelligence.

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Improved accessibility and design

For optimal sanitation and maintenance.

Increased capacity and optimized product flow

Advanced X-ray

For dense object and internal defect removal.

Quick belt release

For optimal cleaning conditions.


Easy to use interface.

AI, smart machine learning

For advanced performance and yield.

Individual air ejection

For high precision removal of defects.

Key benefits

  • TOMRA 5X defect detection

    Finds internal defects

    By seeing the internal structure of food products, the TOMRA 5X is great for pit detection, for finding internal insect damage, finding pieces of shell in seafood or for any other challenge to sort based on internal structure.
  • TOMRA 5X machine

    Use of artificial intelligence

    Our deep learning algorithm analyzes thousands of product images and gathers hundreds of data points. This enables the TOMRA 5X to judge precisely whether products are good or bad enhancing sorting accuracy and yield.
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    Foreign material detection

    Detecting high-density materials, the TOMRA 5X is the best machine for removing FM such as glass, stones, dense plastics, and metals. 
  • TOMRA 5X machine

    Easy to use, adjust the sort in one click

    The TOMRA ACT user interface, Heartbeat health status feature, and accessible design make this machine easy to use, clean, and maintain. 

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