TOMRA Food welcomes ICOEL as an integrated business partner

New partnership will strengthen and simplify customer support for Fruit Packers.

TOMRA Food and ICOEL S.r.l. have reached an agreement that positions ICOEL as a TOMRA Food integrated business partner for Europe and our partner in cherry solutions in LATAM. This new working relationship, announced today, will tap into the two businesses’ synergies to strengthen the sales, service and support provided to customers of the TOMRA Fresh Food business area and ICOEL.

TOMRA Food designs and manufactures sensor-based sorting machines and grading and peeling solutions. ICOEL designs and manufactures Fruit handling, processing and packaging equipment, for bin and crate emptying, treatment, manual packing, automatic boxes, bin-filling systems, and bin handling. Machinery from both TOMRA Food and ICOEL is often used by the same processing and packing plants, particularly in Europe. 

bruno stravato general manager ICOEL
Paul Slupecki, Head of Global Sales TOMRA Fresh Food at TOMRA Food, said: “This is all about the customer. Both TOMRA Food and ICOEL have a culture of customer-centricity, and both recognize the opportunity to enhance customer support by working together. Now that ICOEL is a TOMRA integrated business partner, we follow the same processes and share information and resources. Customer sales and service for both companies’ equipment will now come from one source, making customers’ lives easier by providing a ‘one-stop-shop’. This alliance will also give TOMRA Food and ICOEL greater firepower when delivering big projects.”  
bruno stravato general manager ICOEL
Bruno Stravato, General Manager at ICOEL, commented: “ICOEL’s solutions integrate with TOMRA’s solutions, and this is significant because many more processing applications are becoming interconnected. Closer integration is something our customers want and something that will enable us to enhance the quality of the solutions and services we provide. The joint focus of ICOEL and TOMRA will initially be on Europe, especially Italy, Greece, and Turkey, where ICOEL is strong. In the longer term, we expect to expand into other markets around the world.” 

Customers using both TOMRA Food and ICOEL equipment will receive one full, integrated service for both brands, whether from a TOMRA engineer or an ICOEL engineer. To facilitate this new arrangement, TOMRA Food is expanding its team and some TOMRA functions are being integrated at ICOEL. 

As part of TOMRA Food’s drive to work even more closely with customers, and to deliver solutions that are even more precisely specialized, the sales and service activities of the TOMRA Fresh Food business area are now category-focused.


ICOEL has been operating in the fruit and vegetable industry for fifty years becoming a leading company in the design, construction and installation of quality machinery. We offer completely customized solutions for all processing stages of products (bin and box emptying, treatment, sorting, packing, traceability) through a high-level industrial model.

Technological innovation, high-quality standards, attention to detail, direct relationship with customers and prompt and qualified after-sales service meet customer expectations and represent for them the added value that creates success.

For several years ICOEL has been expanding its horizons towards foreign markets, forging new important partnerships with leading companies in this market such as TOMRA and exporting its machinery to over 30 countries employing more than 100 people.

If you want to know more about ICOEL, visit ICOEL's website here.

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