The Root of cost-effective optical sorting for harvested potatoes and beets 

Capable of unrivaled foreign material removal, this highly efficient machine is powerful and robust, easy to use and maintain, reduces storage needs, is easily movable, and saves on labor. 
TOMRA 3A sorting machine

Key benefits

TOMRA potato sorting machine

Fast and effective

The TOMRA 3A removes foreign objects missed by mechanical systems while handling up to 100 tons/hour of freshly harvested root crops. 
TOMRA whole potatoes defects sorting

Removes foreign materials

The TOMRA 3A removes FM such as rocks, stones, soil clods, wood, bone, plastic, glass, metal, and rubber with accuracy and consistency.  
TOMRA 3A potato sorting

Green does not mean go

Scanning objects with Near-Infrared and color sensors, this mobile sorter also detects and ejects unwanted green potatoes from the batch.  
TOMRA 3A sorting machine

Robust and dependable

The TOMRA 3A's camera is in a fully sealed box, allowing it to withstand rain, wind, dust, and heat.