Potato processing to make the best use of your produce

So much hard work goes into growing every crop of Potatoes that it’s vital to get the most from each tuber. This is why, for more than 45 years now, TOMRA has innovated the best potato peeling, processing, sorting, and grading solutions. We achieve unrivaled good-in-bad sorting rates, by minimizing false rejects of good product and maximizing yield. Our machines enable sustainable potato production with improved profitability - good for the planet and good for your business.

Every Potato Counts

Potato-Key Benefits-1

Rest assured of consistent quality potato processing

Though incoming potatoes vary, our potato sorters enable you to meet customers’ quality demands every time - whole or processed, washed or unwashed.
Potato-Key Benefits-2

Maximize sustainability and yields

With our potato sorters and steam peeler machines, you will reduce peel loss and steam consumption, minimize food waste, and maximize yields.
Potato-Key Benefits-3

Detect foreign materials and product defects

The unrivalled accuracy of TOMRA’s potato optical sorters means you can be confident of detecting and removing foreign material and product defects.
Potato-Key Benefits-4

Sort to spec

Our Sort to Spec function ensures you meet customers' specifications with every batch for your potato products.