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The Odyssey Steam Peeler is the newest addition to the TOMRA Steam Peeling portfolio. It’s the ideal cost-effective steam peeling solution for seasonal processing companies and emerging markets. It’s a high-quality peeler designed explicitly for seasonal processors of fruit and vegetables such as potatoes, red beets, pumpkins, celeriac, kohlrabi, papaya, mango, and chilies.


Fevita (HU):


“Our ambition is to become a global exporter to hundreds of markets, and to do that we knew we needed to increase our capacity. The processing line was running smoothly but had reached its full capacity just as we saw rising demand for carrots and many of our other products”, explains Peter Hegyi, project engineer at Fevita Hungary Zrt. That’s when the company turned to TOMRA Food. Read what Fevita has to say about TOMRA’s Odyssey Steam Peeler.

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Based on the hugely successful Orbit and Eco Steam Peelers, the Odyssey Steam Peeler incorporates TOMRA’s control software, an enlarged steam peeling vessel, and a weigh hopper, enabling customers to process a wide range of vegetables and fruits efficiently. The vessel is bottle-shaped to allow large volumes of fruits and vegetables to be peeled all at once.

Using a simple steam supply and exhaust arrangement, the Odyssey Steam Peeler features low maintenance, low operating costs, and delivers highly efficient steam peeling performance. These factors make it an ideal choice for many low-cost processing environments, such as those in emerging markets and customers who only produce for 4-6 months each year.

The Odyssey Steam Peeler comes in various vessel sizes to achieve efficient processing volumes of between 4,000 Kg/hour – 40,000 Kg/hour (10,000 Lbs/hour – 100,000 Lbs/hour).


The user interface is simple to ensure that customers can easily make changes and achieve the correct performance and production volumes. The Odyssey Steam Peeler is very easy to operate, is available in multiple languages, and features intuitive controls to manage and adjust your peeling requirements easily.

The Odyssey Steam Peeler is the perfect easy to use peeling solution for customers who require a functional, efficient steam peeler with a low cost of ownership.



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Key features

Benefits of TOMRA's Odyssey Steam Peeler

  • Functional Steam Peeler for Emerging Markets
  • A Large Vessel
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • High Capacities
  • Simple User Interface

Technical specification

 Odyssey 500Odyssey 1000Odyssey 1600
Capacity10,000 kg/hr - Bulk density of produce will influence capacity22,000 kg/hr - Bulk density of produce will influence capacity40,000 kg/hr - Bulk density of produce will influence capacity
(L x W x H, mm)
2130 x 5290 x 43552390 x 5460 x 43552945 x 5890 x 5550
Infeed belt widthN/AN/AN/A
Air pressure inputN/AN/AN/A
Electrical consumptionN/AN/AN/A