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The ZEA is a sensor-based sorter for seed corn producers to sort/grade husk, defects, disease, and size differences. Its low-cost ownership is ideal for boosting efficiency and increasing quality while reducing costs where capacity, husk, and defect sorts are critical.


In the organization’s quest for continual change and improvement, Lauber Seed Farms has taken a bold step towards innovation by partnering with TOMRA Sorting Food and installing a number of our automatic ZEA seed corn sorting systems. Read their testimonial.


  • High capacity and low maintenance sorter
  • Flexible sorter with gentle handling assured
  • Simple controls and feedback
  • Integrated Unique 3 Way Rejector (patent applied for)
  • Consistent long life accuracy
  • Multiple configurations possible:
  • * Top View Camera Module with 2 Stream or 3 Stream Sorting
  • * Top and Bottom View Camera Modules with 2 or 3 Way Stream Sorting



TOMRA Sorting Solutions continues to expand its ZEA sorter range developed specifically for the seed and fresh corn industry.

The latest innovation has been the design and implementation of a second camera module facilitating the inspection of both sides of the corn ear.

Read all about this latest innovation in TOMRA's press release.

Key features

Sensor Technology

The Zea uses top mounted color and NIR (Near Infra-Red) optical sensors to scan the surface of each individual item ‘in flight’. This allows for an unobstructed view of the product with a high capacity sort. The color vision sensors analyze for size, shape and color. The NIR sensors analyze for gross defects and foreign materials. Gentle product handling is assured by design; the first grade produce gently passes through the machine while the second and third grades are redirected into individual streams by intelligent paddle ejectors with precision and accuracy.

Product Benefits

  • Unrivalled husk removal
  • Significant labor reduction
  • Excellent defect removal
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Easy to install

Advanced Sorting Criteria

The Zea can sort seed and sweet corn by the following sorting criteria:

  • Size
  • Husk
  • Gross defect
  • Foreign material

Technical specification

 Zea 32Zea 48Zea 64
Capacity1,500 pieces/min2,250 pieces/min3,000 pieces/min
(L x W x H, mm)
1,850 x 1,508 x 1,850 mm1,850 x 2,004 x 1,850 mm1,850 x 2,410 x 1,850 mm
Infeed belt width812 mm1,219 mm1,625 mm
Air pressure input2.5 scfm3.75 scfm5 scfm
Electrical consumption3 KVA3 KVA3 KVA