50 years of sorting competence: TOMRA Food presents the TOMRA 5C and the digital platform TOMRA Insight for meat, poultry and pet food applications as well as rendering products at IFFA 2022 

TOMRA Food has just celebrated its 50th anniversary with all teams around the globe. The company is leading the resource revolution with intelligent, game-changing products that improve yields and minimize waste. In addition to more sustainability, this also means increased cost efficiency and protection of the brand image benefitting customers in the meat and poultry processing industry. The leading manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines will present its digitally supported portfolio at the IFFA trade show from May 14th to 19th, 2022 in Frankfurt.
TOMRA Food pet food raw material

Whether it’s meat or poultry, and whether it’s processed for human consumption or rendered for pet food, it’s worth making the effort to extract every possible kilogram of saleable raw materials. TOMRA sorting solutions ensure food safety and minimize food waste. Manufacturers in the meat and poultry processing and rendering industry benefit from the high-tech machines, from the removal of foreign bodies to the avoidance of cross-contamination.

The Sorter TOMRA 5C: Maximum efficiency, minimum false rejects

The highlight at the TOMRA booth is the new TOMRA 5C for the efficient sorting of IQF products such as chicken nuggets and stripes, bacon bits and other breaded and un-breaded products, including plant-based assortments. The sorter is characterized by maximum efficiency and high sorting speeds for large capacities, setting the benchmark in product safety at the same time as minimizing false rejects and food waste.

TOMRA 5C sorting machine
TOMRA 5C sorting machine

TOMRA Insight – Big Data for Processed Meat

TOMRA's Industry 4.0 data platform improves the sorting and classification efficiency of the sorting processes and is now also available for the Processed Meat and Rendering industry. The cloud-based service unlocks the power of big data to monitor and optimize processes.


More information about TOMRA's game-changing sorting systems at IFFA 2022, Frankfurt, May 14th – 19th, Hall 12.0, Stand A31

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