Macadamia sorting machines

TOMRA's processing equipment ensures consistent food safety removing foreign materials and defects with superior detection capabilities on Macadamia Nuts. We combine state-of-the-art tech with automated sorting solutions to reduce labor costs, improve margins, and enhance operations with actionable data.

Every Macadamia Counts


Get more from your business while saving your resources

Our precision Macadamia nuts sorting and grading solutions handle high throughputs and deliver top product quality with minimized product loss.

Lasers, X-ray, and BSI = best tools for Macadamia nut processing

Combining these technologies improves accuracy- keeping good nuts in the flow and shells, sticks, stones, glass, metal, and plastics out. 

Macadamia sorting machines detect & remove the most challenging defects

Our nut optical sorters remove defects like in-shell and impacted shells, discoloration and germination, immaturities, mold and rot, and insect damage. 

Local support and service offices in 80 countries worldwide

We have a global footprint, which means we are in your area to serve and grow with you.