TOMRA Food dog treat

Sorting machines for pet food and rendering

TOMRA’s dedicated sorting solutions for the pet food and rendering industries protect brand value by enhancing food quality and safety through the entire value chain.
TOMRA pet food sorting

Every Piece of Pet Food Counts

TOMRA Food pet food

Dry kibbles sorting solutions

The frequently encountered problem of cross-contamination in dry dog and cat food is solved by TOMRA’s unique BSI+ optical sensor and specially-developed pet food software.
TOMRA Food pet treats

Treats & snacks sorting solutions

TOMRA’s optical sorters remove foreign materials, broken parts, and discoloration from your pet food production line so that only good, nutritious, safe parts go into the final pack.
TOMRA Food pet food raw material

Frozen raw material for wet pet food

After frozen meat blocks are ground, TOMRA’s sorting technologies remove foreign materials and bones, even if their color is similar to the product’s.
TOMRA Food pet foor dry meat and bone meal

Sorting dry meat and bone meal

TOMRA’s unique solution for the rendering process safeguards against foreign materials and can enhance protein quality by removing the ash
Customer story

JG Pears, United Kingdom

Starting as a family business in 1972, JG Pears has grown to become one of the largest businesses in the UK animal by-products sector. As an established supplier to the petfood industry, they plan everything they do around the twin goals of making their operations as clean and sustainable as possible and delivering products and services that meet customer needs. 
Watch their testimonial and find out how JG Pears and TOMRA Food are raising the bar on petfood quality.

Customer story

GA Pet Food Partners, United Kingdom

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of private label premium dry petfood, GA Pet Food Partners place quality at the heart of their operation.  Beginning as a farming diversification, GA now manufacture 500 different types of extruded petfood to over 1,200 customers globally. As the first petfood manufacturer to trial TOMRA’s optical sorting solutions, GA have witnessed exceptional results across quality which led to their purchase of the Nimbus BSI+ which has proven itself as a key differentiator in meeting the superior quality demands its customers demand. Together with TOMRA Food, GA continue to add value through innovation.