Optical sorters for cucumbers, pickles and gherkins

Customers like cucumbers, pickles, and gherkins to be fresh, tasty, and good looking. When processors use TOMRA's sorting solutions, they can be all of these things. Product quality is consistently high, food safety assured.  
TOMRA pickles sorting

Every Pickle Counts


Wave goodbye to foreign material

TOMRA's optical sorters identify and remove all kinds of foreign material, including common nuisances such as EVM, corn cob and root, metal, plastic, stones, glass, and wood. 

Consistently high product standards

Our automated optical sorters detect and eject products that are damaged, blemished, or have unwanted shapes and colors.

Solve labor-related challenges

While boosting throughput, our optical sorters also solve problems of labor scarcity, inconsistent sorting judgement, the need for training, and cost.

Minimizing food waste

The unrivalled accuracy of our sorters for pickles, cucumbers and gherkins minimizes false rejects, preventing the waste of saleable food and increasing yields.