Food Customer Stories

Anna Giacovelli

Giacovelli, Italy

The Locorotondo-based company, one of Italy’s leading cherry producers, started the 2022 season with a new Invision 2 optical sorter from TOMRA Food, installed at the plant in Turi (Bari). The machine is connected to the Total View Plus digital platform, which can detect a wide range of internal and external fruit defects and monitor the workflow for unprecedented quality.
customer story PEF

PEF, Italy

PEF company is daily committed to satisfying their customers, delivering a great quality product, and increasing their production.

DFS Gida, Turkey

This market leader has found that TOMRA's Blizzard delivers the consistent, dependable product quality its customers demand
Alper Aksut and Ahmet Kocyigit

Kral Incir, Turkey

Kral Incir, one of the leading exporters of dried figs, achieves high product quality and food safety by using industry-leading TOMRA sorting machines.
Grégoire Volpoet and Victor D Hers

SAS Bernard, France

The Bernard company specializes in the production of seed Potatoes for gardeners, market gardeners, and farmers. The TOMRA 3A optical sorter provides the company with the working power and accuracy to secure operations in the high season and has enabled it to increase its production capacity.

Trypol Pack, Belgium

Trypol Pack is a cooperative of Belgian farmers, based in Flanders, specialising in Brussels sprouts. A production they excel in, and now the TOMRA sorting machines will help them to bring European consumers the best quality.
Snow Valley

Snow Valley, China

SNOW VALLEY Food is the owner of a leading frozen French Fries processing group in Asia. By prioritizing highly efficient Potato processing, SNOW VALLEY has been awarded excellent accreditations and ongoing public praise over the years – complimented by specialized research, delivering consistently high-quality products, and providing better solutions for the Chinese catering industry.
Customer story tugrul tarim

Tugrul Tarim

One of the world's leading dried grape processing facilities has benefited greatly since investing in TOMRA Food's innovative new sorting solution.
Sustenir Agricultur

Sustenir Agricultur, Singapore

Harvesting daily in a high-rise building in Singapore, Sustenir Agriculture has enhanced product quality and reduced food waste by using a TOMRA optical sorting machine
Golden Macadamias Team

Golden Macadamias

Anticipating the need to produce macadamias in even greater quantities while ensuring perfect quality, South African cooperative business Golden Macadamias has invested in a TOMRA 5C sorting machine with Biometric Signature Identification technology.

Vitafoods, Chile

The Chilean company put its trust on TOMRA Food once again in order to optimize its sorting process and continue to offer premium quality frozen raspberries. Ten years ago, Vitafoods (formerly Hortifrut and Alifrut separately) opted for the brand for its blueberry production and acquired TOMRA technology. On the back of their positive experience, they have opted for the TOMRA 5B, a sorter ideal for products that, like frozen raspberries, require delicate handling and high precision when sorting.
Shandong Santao Food

Shandong Santao Food

Shandong Santao Food Co., Ltd. is a large food enterprise that incorporates agricultural planting, livestock breeding, food processing and international trade.


WZPOW Kwidzyn is a 100% Polish company with a global reach and vibrant history whose synonymous with processing vegetables. Their Growers' cooperation is fundamental to building a high-quality resource base and allows the homegrown business to compete with the best products available today.[No text in field]


TOMRA’s optical sorting machine enables Turkish business Mapeks Organics to strengthen its position as a high-qulity, high-efficiency exporter
George Chiala Farms

George Chiala Farms

Tech-savvy Californian vegetable processor proves that ‘knowledge is power’ by using data to improve line rates, product quality, yields, and profitability.
The Almond Company

The Almond Company, United States

The Almond Company is the almond handling and processing operation for Harris Family Enterprises, a group of companies dedicated to quality farming and food production. It processes more than 100 million pounds of almonds for domestic and international distribution. The company purchased a TOMRA 5C premium optical sorter which has been operating at its Madera, California facility for the past six months with excellent results.
Osman raisins

Osman Akca, Turkey

Osman Akça A.Ş., the raisin industry leader, never misses the opportunity to benefit from TOMRA Food's new cutting-edge technologies, and has now become the first company in Turkey to purchase the TOMRA 5C sorter.

Gursoy Findik, Turkey

Gürsoy, one of Turkey's most established hazelnut producers, is the first company in that country to harness the TOMRA 5C’s sorting technologies.


FRESHBERRY is a Russian startup producer of wild-growing berries from Karelia. Its products are exported to the EU market, as well as to China and the USA. Due to the feedstock's specifics and to ensure stable high quality of the final product, the company has purchased TOMRA Food's advanced sorting machines. They enable the output of products with high added value, being in stable demand among foreign customers.
Lamb Weston

Lamb Weston - Meijer, The Netherlands

Lamb Weston / Meijer is one of the most recognized companies in the global potato industry, with a rich and starched history. The company's mission - Wellbeing through Potatoes - and their customer-focused modus operandi has earned them stripes serving Quick Service Restaurants, large food chains, and retailers all over EMEA.