TOMRA berry sorting

Berry sorting machines

For 50 years, we have worked alongside berry processors creating sorting solutions that improve yield and ensure high-quality throughput of your berries. 

Every Berry Counts

TOMRA berry sorting


Our sorting solutions for blackberries detect and remove unripe blackberries, mold, stems, snails, and foreign materials.
Cranberries sorting


For fresh, frozen, or dried cranberries, our sorting solutions identify and remove rotten, bruised, discolored or burnt cranberries and all types of foreign material, as well as soft fruit and poppers. 
TOMRA berry sorting


On frozen raspberries, our optical sorters detect and reject mold, stems, leaves, and foreign material in whole, broken, and crumbled Raspberries. 
TOMRA berry sorting


With fresh and frozen red berries (red currant), our optical sorting equipment identify and remove stems, leaves, snails, and foreign material.  
TOMRA berry sorting


Sorting fresh, frozen, freeze-dried, and dried Strawberries, our optical sorters identify and reject rotten, unripe, discolored, and molded Strawberries while eliminating foreign material, stems, leaves, and insects from your line.