TOMRA Food meat

Meat and poultry sorting machines

Optimizing the way we use our resources is needed more than ever today, producing in a sustainable and safe way. TOMRA will not only help you get the most out of your meat and poultry production reducing give away to a minimum but also secure your brand value through the entire value chain.

Every Piece of Meat Counts

TOMRA Food bacon bits

IQF meat & poultry

Whether it’s bacon bits, chicken nuggets, stripes, or other frozen meat products, TOMRA’s automated solutions protect producers’ brand reputations. And they focus on what’s really important: hygiene, food safety, and sustainability, for healthy and nutritious products.  
TOMRA Food raw meat

Fresh meat & poultry

TOMRA offers solutions for various fresh meat and poultry applications - securing food safety and optimizing the handling of raw materials. 
TOMRA Food sausages

Sausages sorting

By using the TOMRA 5B, sausages packaged for sale will all have the same size, dimensions and color, with no casing fragments attached. 
TOMRA Food chicken breasts

Poultry process Analytics

Our poultry sorting and detection solutions identify ‘wooden-breast’ (WB) in fillets and check the fat percentage. They are easily integrated.