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Coplana, Brasil

In accordance with its quality assurance programmes, Coplana went ahead and installed a Helius machine from TOMRA Food, making a leap forward in food safety

30 July 2019


Based in Guariba and Unidade de Grãos, in Jaboticabal, in the interior of the State of São Paulo, Coplana Cooperativa Agroindustrial has been in business since 1963. It provides services to cooperative growers of sugar cane and rotation crops, such as peanuts, soy and some other minor crops. With peanuts, the Cooperative is a leader in the Brazilian market and beyond, having achieved great success with its Coplana Brazilian Premium Peanuts brand. Effective peanut selection has enabled Coplana to conquer the mass food industry, and this includes winning business with major players in the European Union, some of the most selective in the world. Coplana’s association with TOMRA in the last five years has proven essential to achieving the continuous improvements which have helped achieve this.

Coplana currently processes 90,000 tons of peanuts and has capacity to increase this to 100,000 tons. Stimulating the mechanisation of peanut growing in Brazil is one of the Cooperative’s main achievements. With this objective, the Cooperative has invested in higher-yield varieties and modernised after-harvest processes to attain high quality standards certified by independent bodies such as the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Since 2010, when the Cooperative was first assessed by the BRC, it has achieved the highest certification rating, grade AA. As part of ongoing improvements, the Cooperative selected TOMRA Food to optimise its production line, further improving results.

Coplana Production Supervisor Mateus Frazão explains: ‘One of the main reasons why we use TOMRA technology is to guarantee quality and food safety, and to comply with the standards imposed by the international market. Broadly speaking, the Helius machine enables us to control physical contamination (impurities) so that we can deliver a higher quality product. This is an advantage over conventional machines.’

Fewer impurities, higher quality

With such a wide choice of machinery available for so many applications, Coplana chose the Helius 1200 for its industrial plant in order to comply with its quality programmes. This machine can be fitted with up to 12 individual laser signals which identify all imperfections in colour and structure, in a flow of good quality products. What’s more, powerful air jets accurately remove imperfections, leaving the flow of products in good condition, for a better-quality product.

TOMRA Food Brazil Sales Manager João Medeiros is very excited: ‘the Helius is the ideal machine for removing difficult-to-detect defects in products, particularly those which are very similar to good quality products. Thanks to its laser sensors, the Helius is able to detect both colour and structural impurities, making it far more efficient at removing foreign bodies.’ Medeiros added that the Brazilian peanut market is on the rise, and many producers are looking for ways to improve quality and add value to their products, particularly if they have their sights on the European market with its high standards.

Medeiros confirmed: ‘The Helius machine, like other state-of-the-art technologies developed by TOMRA and our experience with local and international markets, such as Argentina for example, is extremely valuable to Brazilian producers wanting to export.’

Coplana already has 475 employees and is still growing. Mateus Frazão says: ‘We may invest in more TOMRA technologies in the future.’

Coplana’s production supervisor also says that he can recommend TOMRA technology based on the results obtained since 2014. The Brazilian market is important for TOMRA. The company has ramped up its local activity here in recent months, particularly through the team led by João Medeiros. This has sped up the response of the local technical team to demand from local customers and enhanced TOMRA’s before- and after-sales service.

According to João Medeiros: ‘TOMRA understands that each customer is unique and that you cannot generalise when it comes to their requirements. As well as providing the latest technologies, TOMRA has highly qualified employees, so not only do we offer a machine, but also an optimal solution to every need." “There’s a need in Brazil for more efficient production, and for reducing product defects to a minimum, to compete with more technologically advanced markets. This opens up possibilities to supply markets that demand the highest quality standards and which are prepared to pay more, making the operation more profitable. Everything is possible with the help of TOMRA!’


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