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TOMRA Food develops the world's most advanced grading, sorting, peeling, and analytical technology. Food growers, packers, and processors around the world use TOMRA machines to sort a variety of fresh whole products and processed food to maximize output and minimize waste.

Food sorting in action


  • Maximized yield and recovery, while reducing food waste
  • Sustainable operations that optimize resources
  • Increased productivity and throughput with high capacity sorting
  • Ensure premium quality so your products accurately represent your brand.

TOMRA is leading the resource revolution and aiding our clients to maximize their profit and product capacity. Increasing safety and traceability helps everyone, upstream and downstream, and most importantly the people who are preparing dinner for their families at the end of the day. Our proactive and predictive maintenance sorting technology utilizes data to increase operational effectiveness, decrease waste, and give you peace of mind knowing your products are safe enough for your own family. Your trusted partner in TOMRA is here to support you, every step of the way, operating for our customers in over 80 global markets. A sustainable future is only achievable when we work together to make the most out of what we have.

  • Blizzard

    The Blizzard free fall, pulsed LED, camera sorting machine is the ideal and most cost-effective optical food sorting machine within the Individually Quick Frozen vegetable and fruit processing industry.

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  • Halo

    The Halo is a sensor-based optical food sorting solution for many fruits and vegetables. The Halo is a high-performance machine sorting on size and quality, thus ensuring and improving food safety.

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  • Helius™

    The Helius™ free-fall sorting machine provides an optical sorting solution for a wide variety of food applications. The TOMRA Helius™ P sorter specializes in sorting free-flowing dry products such as seeds, rice, nuts, grains, etc.

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  • Ixus™ Bulk

    By implementing the latest x-ray and imaging technology, metal, stones, pits, glass, high-density plastics, etc. are removed from the food.

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  • Nimbus

    The Nimbus free-fall sorting machine is the answer to the food industry’s continuously high requirements and individual processors.

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  • Nimbus BSI

    The Nimbus BSI is a real breakthrough for processing nuts, grains & seeds, dried fruit, and pet food.

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  • Sentinel II

    The Sentinel II optical sorter was designed to sort many food applications and is typically found in the tomato, peach, and potato processing industry. Using the latest in illumination and detection technology, the Sentinel II outshines its competitors in sorting efficiency, capacity, technical specification, and durability. The Sentinel II boosts the highest throughput to the machine width ratio in the industry.

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  • TOMRA 3A

    Boasting the highest capacity on the market, the TOMRA 3A is the most reliable and cost-effective optical sorter available for growers. Built to last, it is a durable, powerful, and highly efficient labor-saving solution specifically developed to provide unrivaled foreign material removal and exceed harvest demands. The machine is easy to use, simple to maintain, and its smooth install makes for an easy fit into the harvest cleaning and grading line, or out-of-storage sorting.

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  • TOMRA 3C

    TOMRA 3C uses a high-resolution camera and laser units. After poured into the hopper, the feed falls onto the vibration plate. It then falls further into the detection area after being evenly laid over the plate for dual-sided detection by laser and the color camera. In a matter of milliseconds, the intelligent rejecting system eliminates all defective products and foreign objects. Good products fall directly into the qualified product slot, and defects into the rejected product slot.

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  • TOMRA 5A

    The TOMRA 5A sorting machine brings more than 98% removal rate of foreign objects, quality inspection and peel quality control to the table. Running the highest capacities in the industry, this process potato sorter significantly increases the level of food safety and yield.

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  • TOMRA 5B

    The TOMRA 5B sorting machine guarantees optimal sorting of your food products, from vegetables and potatoes to leafy products. It helps you to meet the highest standards for both food safety and quality.

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  • Zea

    The ZEA is a sensor-based sorter for seed corn producers to sort/grade husk, defects, disease, and size differences. Its low-cost ownership is ideal for boosting efficiency and increasing quality while reducing costs where capacity, husk, and defect sorts are critical.

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