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felix sorting machine by tomra

The Felix pre-sorter is an extremely cost effective way for removing large defects and foreign material from green beans and carrots.

Rodents, frogs, grasshoppers, stones, dirt clumps, corn cobs, metal, wood and many other large defects are detected and rejected by the Felix food sorting machine.


  • Economical solution for removing large defects and foreign material
  • High capacity solution
  • Easy to integrate and operate
  • Consistent long life accuracy
  • Fast return on investment


Key features

Sensor Technology

The Felix offers an economical and effective solution for removing large defects (> 3 mm or 1/8 inch) and foreign material from a good product stream at the beginning of the production line. The Felix sorter includes a feed shaker, optical cabinet (two smart cameras and a multi-wavelength LED bar), control cabinet, simple user interface and flap style rejection system. The Felix system can handle large volumes.

Product Benefits

  • Limit damage to processing equipment to a minimum
  • Accurate detection: high resolution up to 3 mm
  • Easy to set-up, operate and maintain
  • Reliability
  • Quality control monitoring

Advanced Sorting Criteria

The Felix can sort multiple food applications by the following sorting criteria:

  • Color
  • Structure
  • Gross defect
  • Foreign material

Technical specification

(L x W x H, mm)
3,461 x 2,954 x 2,338 mm
Infeed belt widthN/A
Air pressure input1.5 - 6 bar (21 - 87 psi)
Electrical consumption3ph + N: 5 kVA