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Key features

Sensor Technology

The Iris II uses top and bottom sensor banks to view each object ‘in flight’ using a combination of LED, CCD camera and NIR to perform targeted spectroscopy with 1mm precision. This advanced system views and analyses visible attributes such as colour, shape, blemish, foreign material, as well as ‘invisible’ defects such as the product composition.

Gentle product handling is assured by the design; the first grade produce gently passes through the sorting machine while defected produce is redirected into a stream by intelligent air nozzle ejectors with precision and accuracy.

Product Benefits

  • Significant labor reduction, as high as 80 %
  • Increased throughput, up to 25 %
  • Faster packaging
  • Increased yield
  • Low operational costs
  • Fast payback on investment
  • Easy to install

Advanced Sorting Criteria

The Iris II can sort diced and small food products by the following sorting criteria:

  • Color defects
  • Small defects
  • Small blemishes
  • Foreign material