Debt financing

Debt policy

TOMRA’s debt policy shall ensure short-term and long-term financial flexibility for the Group. TOMRA shall always have access to capital in order to cover fluctuations in daily liquidity needs and investments that are consistent with TOMRA’s adopted strategy.

TOMRA shall aim at maintaining an "investment grade" credit profile in order to ensure financial stability and access to debt capital on favorable terms and conditions. The funding should be balanced with a maturity profile spread over several years to minimize refinancing risk.

TOMRA shall seek to diversify its long-term funding sources, supplementing bank loans with debt capital markets instruments and other sources, subject to availability and conditions.

TOMRA shall primarily follow a floating interest rate strategy. The loans will normally be nominated in NOK but swapped to EUR or USD.


TOMRA has the following bonds issued:

ISIN NO0010868318

Issuer: TOMRA Systems ASA
Stock Exchange: OSE
Volume: NOK 400 Million
Coupon Rate: 0.5% p.a.
Issue Date: 06.11.2019
Maturity Date: 06.11.2022

ISIN NO0010868326

Issuer: TOMRA Systems ASA
Stock Exchange: OSE
Volume: NOK 600 Million
Coupon Rate: 0.75% p.a.
Issue Date: 06.11.2019
Maturity Date: 06.11.2024


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