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21 September 2018


Downloadable e-book looks at the commercial and regulatory pressures on deinking and recycling paper and cardboard and introduces a new technology which reduces complexity and costs while increasing recovery rates

04 September 2018

TOMRA appointed as a container refund point operator for Queensland container deposit scheme 

Global sensor-based solutions provider and reverse vending leader TOMRA will run 10 container refund points for a new container deposit scheme in the Australian state of Queensland.

31 August 2018

Looking into the future with TOMRA’s new Head of Digital

Felix joins TOMRA as a best-in-class digital innovator

31 August 2018

TOMRA’s E-books provide free expert advice

Expert advice shared in free E-books 

31 August 2018

SHARP EYE separates single-layer PET trays from PET bottles

New technology application with higher light intensity

31 August 2018

Meet us at the Aluminium 2018 trade fair

Adding value for refiners and remelters

31 August 2018

TOMRA on show in Europe, the USA and China

Wide-ranging recycling solutions shown internationally

20 August 2018

How do container deposit schemes work? 

Around the world, demand is growing for countries to increase their recycling rates for bottles and cans, as a means to fight litter and ocean plastic and conserve scarce resources. To meet this challenge, many regions are considering container deposit schemes, which see 70% to almost 100% of all drink containers returned for recycling. Learn more about what container deposit schemes are and how they work. 

30 July 2018

Kristine's eXXpedition diary: The final week

TOMRA circular economy communicator Kristine M. Berg shares her experiences on board the final week of the eXXpedition voyage's first leg, as the crew discusses solutions to marine litter and approaches land at last.

30 July 2018

TOMRA is now a proud sponsor of the Federation of European Mineral Programs

The Federation of European Mineral Programs (FEMP) organizes and coordinates business support for the European Mining, Minerals and Environmental Program (EMMEP) for students in Resource Engineering, Mining- and Geotechnical Engineering, Mineral Processing, Recycling and related academic studies.

15 July 2018

Kristine's eXXpedition Diary: Marine Litter Research

TOMRA circular economy communicator Kristine M. Berg shares her experiences on board the second week of the eXXpedition voyage, as the crew measures marine litter in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

1 to 15 of 959