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Let's work together for the planet

Join the resource revolution, a community of people with a planet-sized purpose. #WeAreTOMRA

We believe work should be more rewarding than just a paycheck. It’s our mission to transform how we all obtain, use and reuse the planet’s resources to enable a world without waste.

We are a trusted partner on a global scale that enables better business and protects our planet. We’re here to drive change through our solutions and enable our vision of leading the resource revolution.

Behind our solutions are our people, and we’re committed to creating a TOMRA which enables everyone to work and progress to their fullest potential.

Explore the opportunities to join the resource revolution and see the transformational impact you can have on the world.

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TOMRA Food sales team

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TOMRA is looking for resource revolutionaries who have a passion for the planet. We are always hiring good people, so check out our openings!
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Our career paths

  • IT, Software, Digital & Business Intelligence

    Behind every innovative solution is the software that makes it work. TOMRA’s team of software and digital experts develop systems and analyze data to ensure our solutions achieve high levels of performance and efficiencies.
  • Photo of TOMRA P&O team
    Photo of TOMRA P&O team

    General Management & Business Support

    At TOMRA we are reliant on the expertise of those who are part of our Enablement Functions. Regardless of your area of specialism, Legal, P&O (HR), Finance or Admin, your role is critical to our business in terms of supporting, advising and most importantly enabling our people to be empowered to be as happy, effective, and as productive in their roles as possible. Being part of the Enablement Functions and acting as the glue that holds everyone together is a rewarding career path at TOMRA, so check out some of the amazing opportunities we have globally.
  • tomra plant production machines products
    tomra plant production machines products

    Manufacturing & Operations

    TOMRA’s team of manufacturing and operations experts play an integral role in creating innovative solutions which transform how society can obtain, use and reuse our planet’s natural resources.
  • Sales, Marketing and Product Management

    At TOMRA, our sales, service and project management team provide support to prospective and existing customers to ensure we deliver innovative solutions which optimize performance levels. We’re passionate about making a difference and our brand, marketing and communications activity is a key component to getting our vision and values out there.
  • TOMRA Blue World image of Recycling person
    TOMRA Blue World image of Recycling person

    Engineering & Innovation

    Creating a solution is the first part of overcoming a problem. Founded on innovation 50 years ago, TOMRA is committed to engineering technological solutions to transform how we obtain, use and reuse our planet’s resources.
  • Customer Service & Service Operations

    Customer centricity is a huge part of our company ethos here at TOMRA. We are always willing to go the extra mile to exceed our customers’ expectations. We seek Resource Revolutionaries with like-minded values - Passion, Responsibility, and Innovation.