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16 October 2017

A Day in the Life of Ľuboslav Perončík

Age: 35

Biography: Ľuboslav Perončík has worked for TOMRA Sorting Food since June 2016 and also between March 2008 – December 2012 . Operating from the Senec production and distribution facility in Slovakia.

16 October 2017

ZAK: Investment in clean compost

New innovative sorting system goes into operation

16 October 2017


Global demand for exotic fruit is rapidly increasing. Today, the worldwide fruit puree concentrate market is valued at more than US$400m (€332m) and is expected to grow to US$700m (€581m) by 2026.

16 October 2017


By Ashley Hunter, Head of TOMRA Sorting Food. 

Since TOMRA was founded in 1972, we have continuously redefined what it means to be innovative in the sectors in which we operate.

12 October 2017

TOMRA Collection leader: “We have never seen as many opportunities as we do now”

From starting a green movement almost single-handedly back in 1972, TOMRA today has a world-leading position in reverse vending solutions and recycling. We spoke with the head of TOMRA Collection Solutions, who has responsibility for the more than 75,000 reverse vending machines TOMRA has around the world.

09 October 2017

TOMRA Cleanaway JV announces Woolworths as first retail partner to help support the delivery of NSW Government sustainability initiative 

Sydney, Australia - TOMRA Cleanaway, the NSW State Government-appointed Network Operator of the new Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme (CDS), today announced that leading Australian supermarket Woolworths will be the first retail refund partner when the program launches on December 1st, 2017.

27 September 2017

Peruvian National Award for Innovation in Mining received

The paper presented about the ore sorting project at Minsur, San Rafael, at Perúmin was elected amongst 380 presented papers and awarded the Peruvian National Award for Innovation in Mining. The award was handed over by the Peruvian Minister of Mines and Energy, Rosa María Ortiz last Friday.

26 September 2017

A circular economy does not mean a flat global economy

Achieving a circular economy can have tangible environmental and business benefits, with resource optimization feeding into the global economy.

20 September 2017

Why actions speak louder than words

Making the resource revolution a reality can only be achieved if our actions speak louder than our words.

19 September 2017

TOMRA Sorting Recycling launches AUTOSORT LASER to increase efficiency

Global leader in sensor-based sorting technology, TOMRA Sorting Recycling, aims to further reduce landfill waste with its newest innovation.

19 September 2017


TOMRA Sorting Recycling launches AUTOSORT LASER to increase efficiency

19 September 2017


Laser focus on reducing landfill waste: how new automated sorting technologies can boost high-quality glass recovery and cut costs for MSW operators - Remondis, Erfstadt, Germany.

19 September 2017


Meet our Repair Center Supervisor, Andreas Jakupovic: the man behind the scenes with a passion for problem solving.

19 September 2017


Celebrating 5 Years of TOMRA Sorting in Dubai and Proven Regional Expertise, written by Tasos Bereketidis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

91 to 105 of 946